Here's my experience with Loewe Puzzle Bag

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In December 2019, before my trip to Italy, I had no plans to get any branded bags even though my surrounding was saying that I should totally since there is a factory outlet. Probably the boredom overrules my mind on my flight to Milan, and I began my research when I was in the lobby while waiting to get my room key. I had my impulsive purchase on small Loewe Puzzle Bag and the nightmare began after back in Singapore. I had purchased the Loewe bag the day before I left for Singapore and had it hand-carried because I like it so much although it's not a must-get-bag. The day after landed in Singapore I brought out for the first time and also have to purchase an umbrella as I saw the dark cloud forming just to protect the new bag. I went through detail tapping dry after stepping indoor and I noticed there were a few blue patches on the leather and once its dry, the blue patches disappear too. However, I just kept thinking about the blue patches and am the quality really worth after spending 2500 Eur? My answer is obviously no, and I went to the nearest Loewe boutique store. So, the SA used the cleaning lotion and taught me how to clean but that is not the whole purpose if every time it rains, and that area of leather will have patchy blue stains. I googled the entire night, and no one had the same experience as me. Then, I went down to another outlet after calling other SA about my situation and I was told to leave my bag there and they will send it to their HQ although its no guarantees that there will be an exchange since I bought it overseas but it's worth trying my luck. And yes, I was offered an exchange within a week and I was lucky because it was near long festive season and the HQ might not revert that fast.

will I ever get another Loewe? Definitely not. Looking back, I wish that there will be some bag protectors that I can bring out any time to prevent from getting the rain, unwanted droplets, and small enough to keep in the bag. I can't emphasize the perks enough of having bag protectors not because I am selling it but also makes life convenient. From keeping away dust to moisture-proof and mouldy, the clear display allows me to take my bag out and go. I didn't have to open up the dust bag to check for the mouldy situation and to guess which dust bag is for which exact bag. When it comes to travelling, it is so convenient to keep it in the bag and when it rains I can still hold on to my bag and the rain will not get into it. Even storing in the luggage, colour transfer or liquid spilled will not be a concern.