How To Prolong Your Luxury Goods

After googling and reading on so many articles of “how to store your handbag” what was your take away? This may just be another post you have come across on the search engine but definitely you will take some point with you after reading.

1. Understanding the environment.

Hot and humid climate – Southeast Asia

Dry and low humidity (Seasonal) – Aussie, Middle East, Europe and the U.S

Most parts of Asia create a conducive environment for the growth of mold although there is no method from stopping this situation from happening however we can at least take preventive measures.

2. Store your bags

Your bag has been carried out for some time and microparticles might have stained on your bag. Using microfiber cloth for proper cleaning on the exterior of the bag and even on the strap. Removal the straps/handles if possible and tuck in your bag with fiber material, i.e clothes, or pillowcase.

Store it upright or lay flat but do not add on any pressure on top of your bag to avoid misshapen the leather.

3. Air your bag

Leathers that are kept for a period of time will eventually dry and crack so it is important to occasionally let your bags breathe. There are no right or wrong whether to storing your bags as it is on the shelf, in your wardrobe or even placing them in the boxes but do remember to spend some time taking them out to breathe.

4. Prevent from colour transfer

Most brands provide dust bags however we have encountered some brands provide bright colour dust bag which in the long run it has transferred to the light coloured leather bag. i.e light colour leather bags with jeans are the common colour transfer example unless the bag has been sent for proof spray.

5. Avoid the sun

Discolour happens when bag is placed under the sun for too long. If you placed your bag on the shelf, do keep a lookout if there are any reflective items that might shine on your bag unknowingly.

p.s Dust bags are the most common answer to your bag storage method however, they are the first layer to absorb moisture and mold before reaching your handbag but do you think it just stops there?