Our press-on nails comes in 3 sizes (Small, Med and Large) to fit into yours, perfectly.

Nailly 1003

  • Size Thumb Index Middle Ring Pinky
    S 15 11 12 11 8
    M 16 12 13 12 9
    L 17 13 14 13 10


  • Step 1 Nail Preparation

    Wash and dry your hand thoroughly to remove any dirt or oily substance.


    Step 2 Nails Application

    Layout and arrange all applications in the order you desire to fix them. If the application is too wide or too long, you can use a file to shape the edges.


    Step 3 Apply the first

    Use a soft buffer to buff your natural nails and give them a long wear time. Apply some dab of glue on the part of the application that will be attached to your natural nail and dab on the real nail. Carefully place the application to align well with your cuticle.

    Press and hold down for 10 seconds to allow it set.


    Step 4 Repeat with the remaining nails